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Call To Action provides a unique set of tools for the IT reseller community, producing quantifiable results and information that accelerates the growth of their business.


Visibility about your environment can save you mounds of money when it comes to managing vendor support contracts.  Our tool-set gives top level executives line of site into support issues out of the box.  Our ability to manage contracts and assets based on a “real-time” inventory give us greater value then the competitive products in the market.  Our industry knowledge about vendor support contracts can help you 20-40% on your existing infrastructure contracts, freeing up much needed financial resources that can help customer’s expand their business.

We are continuously creating new ways to re-purpose data, creating “out-of-the-box” Business Intelligence for our customers.  We turn data into solutions that allow you to save.  Make your Call To Action today, and discover all of the possibilities for your business.

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Frank BallChief Innovation Officer


With over 25 years of experience, Frank is an expert in assisting organizations in matching needs to technology trends to provide maximum value to their customers.  Optimizing growth strategies is his true passion.

Dean WilliamsChief Technology Officer


With over 13 years of experience, Dean has a true passion for discovery and assessment services.  Dean is the creator of the BlockBox discovery engine and he leads the development team for The Combine services solution.

Yalile JohnsonMarketing Intern


Joining our team for the summer with a focus on events and media, Yalile is a student at Southern Arkansas University majoring in marketing. Yalile is an accomplished member of the Alpha Chi honor society.

Jane DaalsCreative Head


Jane is a graduate from M.I.T. with a focus on Technology Marketing.  Jane’s passion revolves around quantifiable metrics through diverse multi-channel marketing programs focused on high volume results.


We create the visibility you need to quantify savings in the most expensive parts of your infrastructure.

WOW!  Call To Action has given us powerful insight into the future of our business.  We see opportunities to save and prepare in our business…

Steve Johnson



Our “4 A” methodology aligns internal and external resources together on common goals.  We empower clear, concise strategies for your market development plans.


We turn concepts into action, ensuring your value proposition is effectively communicated.  Customers knowing what you do, and how you do it differently is a key part of your success.


We create demand activities that turn events into quantifiable opportunities that provide high-value qualified engagements for you and your sponsoring vendor/partners.


Our BlockBox discovery engine is an agent-less appliance that is can be deployed both physically and virtually providing visibility to all assets in an environment.


Our Combine service runs continuous analysis, providing useful information about compelling opportunities to help your customers better manage and save in their environment.


Our offerings are built with one goal in mind – provide you with new recurring savings opportunities that allow you to grow your business through spend optimization.  


Our creative portfolio of services spans demand generation and provides our customers with a unique value based opportunities to respond to the market.

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